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Through the Generations - Katherine

Through the Generations at BKSOD

Hello and welcome to our second article in the Through the Generations series!

This time, we are focusing on the lovely Katherine, who used to dance with us at Brenda Key School of Dance when she was younger, and who now sends her daughter to classes here.

Dancing seems to run in Katherine's family, as her mum also used to be a ballerina until the age of 27. We're thrilled that she decided to continue on the family tradition by sending her daughter to dance too!

Katherine told us about her memories of coming here as a child. Her stand-out memories included:

"I remember Brenda Key with her black hair pulled back into a bun or a French pleat with not a strand out of place. I remember my character skirt with the ribbons around the edge and my character shoes. I remember having my hair done for the exams with lots of hairspray."

Anyone who met Miss Key will know she was an unforgettable lady, so we're not surprised to hear that those memories of her still last! Although she is sadly no longer with us, there are other things from her time that most definitely are - colourful character skirts and special exam hairstyles are part of the fabric here, and Katherine's daughter is able to experience these just the same as her mum. Katherine also spoke of the reasons why she chose for her daughter to attend BKSOD and how she feels watching her dance: "I chose the Brenda Key School of dance for my daughter as I had good memories of going there myself as a child and it is local in a church which I did lots of activities at as a child. "I was keen to send my daughter to ballet so that she could interact with other young girls, learn a new skill set, discipline, control and teamwork. Also I knew my daughter would love dressing up in her ballet outfit.

"We feel very proud watching her dance as she followed the teacher beautifully and skipped in time to the music." Finally, Katherine spoke about how she still remembers some of the dance steps to this day! It truly is incredible how quickly the routines come back to you, especially when you hear the music play. "I remember first and third position steps and step, step, circle, step. I'm not sure if this makes any sense but I'll show you what I mean next time I see you!"

We can't wait to see her moves next time she comes in!!

Thanks so much to Katherine for sharing these lovely memories. We hope your daughter can create just as many while she is here with us as well.




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