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Ex-Student Giorgina Pini sets sail dancing around the world!

One of our ex-students, the talented Giorgina Pini, is currently off around the world performing with Saga Cruises!

Here is a little about how she got there:

Giorgina starting her dancing journey here at the Brenda Key School of Dance at the very young age of 3. She always showed a huge passion for dance and studied all of the available disciplines; Ballet, Tap and Modern Theatre. She has gone on to be a hugely versatile performer and accomplished dancer!

At age fifteen, Giorgina decided to pursue her passion in contemporary dance and enrolled in the Centre For Advanced Training programme at The Place. Three years later, she was accepted to continue her training on the BA(Hons) Degree programme at the London Contemporary Dance School, where she earned her First Class degree in Contemporary Dance.

Whilst studying, she had the opportunity to work with numerous choreographers such as Richard Alston and Alvin Ailey Dance Theater as well as creating her own choreography. Her work with Lauren Jenkins was chosen to be performed at The British Library and The Place Theatre.

Since graduating, Giorgina has danced on multiple music videos and has worked with Yolanda Mercy, Award Winning Writer and Actor, for R&D on an upcoming performance.

She is also the assistant director for performance and film by Raymond Chai, in association with The Arts Council.

... and now she is dancing her way around the world!

We're so proud of how far she's come and wish her every success for the future.

Giorgina also noted that she wanted to "thank The Brenda Key School of Dance for the years of training and love that was shown, which inevitably inspired her to go into the profession herself."

We're so happy to have been the start of your wonderful journey!



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