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Through the Generations - Anna

Through the Generations at BKSOD Welcome to our new mini-series of articles, sharing the stories of our Brenda Key family! Here at Brenda Key School of Dance we pride ourselves on being a community dance school and, having been running for quite some time now (50 years!), we have watched many of our students grow up.

Very excitingly, some of them now have their own children, who they send to dance classes with us at BKSOD!

We’re so pleased and proud that our school became somewhere that ex-students wanted to send their own children, are are very grateful to the handful of them who kindly agreed to let us share their stories and memories.

We hope you enjoy hearing them as much as we have!

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ First up, the lovely Anna, who has 2 children who currently attend BKSOD. Anna told us about her fond memories of ballet classes here when she was younger: “I used to attend with my best friend, and would always remember Miss Key beaming with pride and encouragement at our progress! I remember my sense of pride in perfecting my performance of the “bird cage” dance.” She also spoke about what she gained from dance classes, and why she decided dancing was a beneficial activity for her kids, saying that they were gaining not only “rhythm and dance skills,” but also “confidence and foundations for good posture.”

When she watches her children dance, she feels “Super proud of them! I enjoy watching that familiar sense of pride in their performance.”

Clearly, that feeling of pride in having your parents come and watch you dance in our 'watching weeks' (and seeing the progress you have made each term) is a feeling that stays with you for a long time! Finally, we wanted to share why Anna specifically chose our school, BKSOD, for her children to attend. She said: “I remember enjoying my time there and was delighted to hear that it was still running. The fact that it has been going for so long speaks for itself.”

We are really passionate about creating positive and enjoyable classes for students, and hope that attending BKSOD leaves all students, past, present and future, with such brilliant memories.

A massive thanks to Anna for sharing this with us. Keep an eye out for the next Through the Generations story, coming soon! BKSOD x



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