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Through the Generations - Mirella

Through the Generations at BKSOD

Hello and welcome to our third article in the Through the Generations series!

This time we have the lovely Mirella sharing her thoughts and memories of BKSOD. Mirella danced with us back when Miss Key was still teaching, and her lovely daughter now attends ballet, tap and modern classes with us. How amazing is this comparison photo she made for us! (below)

Here is what she had to say about her experiences at BKSOD:

"I remember with fond memories Miss Key with her cocker spaniels, the pianists who used to play at our classes and the kind assistants - Miss Michele being one . I remember with happiness the smell of hairspray in preparation for exams. Walking in with my daughter 30 years later, this still makes me smile every time. It takes me down memory lane. I remember my mum always getting us a small cake from the little coffee hatch after our lessons and repeat this now myself."

(Shout-out to the Saturday café that runs from inside the church hall - going strong after many years!)

"When I watch my daughter in the upstairs hall and walk up the stairs it transports me back, the hall hasn’t changed and the feelings are of happiness and warmth for that time of my life."

"I loved Miss Key’s passion for dance and her grace despite her sore knees. She always had her hair in a bun and she was always so kind and gentle. I wanted my daughter to have the same love for dance instilled in her.

"My daughter gains confidence, poise and strength that will remain with her all her life. I believe my core strength and physical attributes originate from the foundations laid by Miss Key years ago."

Mirella then told us about what she thinks makes our school unique:

"Miss Key’s ballet school is part of the local community and I hope it will be for many years to come.

"I love how older girls come back to help the younger classes and students of all ages and grades mingle together."

When asked if she could still remember any of her favourite moves, she said:

"I most certainly do and would love to retry some pirouettes and grand battements. Whilst the techniques will very much be incorrect the love for them is definitely still there!"

Well... as we say to our students, as long as the love and passion is there then the rest can be (re)learned!!

Thank you so much Mirella for taking the time to share these brilliant memories and thoughts, we really appreciate it and hope everyone enjoyed reading.




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