Jazz Theatre classes have an equal focus on technique and performance.

We study both traditional American jazz, which is a style that requires dancers to be dynamic, grounded and strong, and also musical theatre jazz, which is more stagey and upbeat.

We also touch upon the history of jazz dance and learn jazz through the ages; how jazz dance has evolved. We cover everything from Fred


and Ginger, to Bob Fosse, to Hamilton, to Hairspray!


There are currently 2 levels of Jazz Theatre Dance available:


Jazz Theatre 1 is aimed at students aged 4-9 and Jazz Theatre 2 is aimed at students aged 10+.

We are hoping to add additional classes in the near future.

Classes include: a warm up, strengthening, fitness, technique exercises (we focus on kicks, turns and jumps) and also include a routine.

Some of the routines the students learn in these classes will be choreography from West End musicals! We use the routines to work on the student’s acting abilities, as it is important in Jazz Theatre to tell stories through dance.


Jazz Theatre classes are non-exam classes. This means that students are able to learn and enjoy dancing without the stress of an exam. Instead, we do informal awards ceremonies at the end of each term, where each child will be awarded a personal award specific to their own journey and growth, to celebrate their achievements.

Jazz classes are all about supporting each other and bringing each other up, so students also learn to self-assess and to peer-assess. This means that they have the opportunity to perform to each other in class, and to watch the others and work out and feed back what they liked about each other's performances.

These classes are brilliant for improving students’ confidence and bringing them out of their shells. They are also suited to those students who are already outgoing and lively and enjoying being dramatic!


Our Jazz Theatre teacher is Miss Zara.