Modern Dance is a style that was developed in America and it includes elements of Contemporary and Jazz techniques. There is a focus on rhythm and how we use the body as a response to music. Exercises are varied and incorporate different styles and dynamics.

Modern is the closest genre we offer to Contemporary Dance at Brenda Key.

All of our Modern Dance classes follow the ISTD graded examination syllabi:

Grades 1-6, Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2:

In these classes students will start with a warm up, technique exercises, corner work and amalgamations. They will also practise rhythms and get the opportunity to create their own steps to a set rhythm. In the older grades, students will have a choice between different amalgamations.

It is worth noting that, although all of our modern classes are examination classes, students are not obliged to enter for official exam should they wish not to. Students will continue to progress onto the next grade with their peers and enjoy dancing

Our Modern Dance teacher is Miss AmyHer classes are currently being covered by Miss Zara while she is on maternity leave.