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Ballet exam results

Brenda Key students shone in their exams!

We're sure it'll come as absolutely no surprise that our students outdid themselves in their ballet exams last month.

We had 30 students take their exams, in a huge variety of different grades from Pre-Primary all the way to Grade 5.

We are proud of every single student, as we know how hard they all worked and we are so happy that they have done so well. It was well deserved!

While we care much more about students' progress and hard-work than the actual results themselves, it would be remiss of us to not mention that almost 45% of students who took graded exams (Primary-Grade 5) achieved distinctions!!

For anyone unfamiliar with dance exam marking, a distinction is a very high score and is reserved for students who show an excellent standard.

We also had lots of students achieve high-merits and merits, which are also incredible results and signal a brilliant standard.

Congratulations again to all students. We can't wait to see you back in September and to start working on all of your new routines with you.




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