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Here is a little insight into what we got up to on exam day on Sunday 27th March!

We had 8 groups in total taking their exams;

  • 3 Pre-Primary groups

  • 3 Primary groups

  • 1 Grade 7 group

  • 1 Grade 8 group

The students had their hair done neatly - a special "exam day" style!

Then, they spent time practising and warming up with their teachers.

There's always time for a quick group photo.

And a group huddle before they go into the room!

And we're all ready to go into the exam!

We don't get to see what the students did whilst they were in the exam, but we're sure they were brilliant!

Everyone came out smiling and happy - a successful day!

Now, we wait for the results! This usually takes a few weeks, so we'll post another update soon!



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